Saturday, 12 February 2011

More improvement. Until today Calum's eyes would sometimes roll and twitch, but he didn't seem to do that at all today, he also seemed to be more alert.
Today's clip:


  1. Calum is so beautiful & it's lovely to see him making such good progress. He looks like a big boy! I'll be thinking of you all on Wednesday. Sorry I can't be there. Kirsty

  2. My condolences to you at your loss. Calum is so sweet, and I am so thankful at his progress. I am a neonatal nurse here in the States (similar to your SCBU) therefore I understand how frightening it can be with these wee ones, as well as, how wonderful it can be with their milestones. Again, you (all) are in my prayers.

  3. So sorry to hear about Margaret. William, Margaret and I spent a lot of time and laughs together in the final years of high school and I know she will be much missed by those who knew her. I am so pleased to hear that wee Calum is making such progress. What a beautiful smile he has! Praying for all the family for tomorrow. Praying you will all know the Lord's arms of love and comfort around you at this time. Regards, Jackie

  4. Derick,
    My name is Sophia, I am also from Balerno and I was the nurse looking after Calum the day you took this video (I realise you will have met lots of doctors and nurses and won't remember!). I came across this blog when I saw the local newspaper article. I just wanted to let you know that as a Christian, your family have been on my heart and in my prayers since that sad, sad day. I will continue to remember you and pray. It was a pleasure to meet Calum- he is a precious boy, and your other children seem wonderful too. Please also pass on my best wishes to Margaret's sister who I met when she visited that day.
    God Bless. Sophia