Friday, 18 February 2011

Arrived back from funeral early evening yesterday. Brought Calum home from hospital immediately afterwards.
It brought his mother's absence home again.
This whole experience has been an emotional roller-coaster.


  1. Good to hear Calum is at home with you - but I understand that his mother's absence is all the more difficult to bear - but God who is especially a God to this motherless child and also the other children will carry you through

  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all- may the Comforter, the binder up of broken hearts, the 'Father' ((or mother) to the 'motherless', draw you all close under His sheltering wings of love. I imagine it will be in the quiet after the storm that your loss hits hardest- but it will also be where His voice and love are felt the most xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx So pleased you have your beautiful boy home with you xxxxxxxxx

  3. Glad calum is home and doing well.. our prayers are with you. The Arkleys x